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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)
on the LS 34R  RPN Calculator

  1. How do I get the menu back?
  2. Can you make the letters on the keys bigger?
  3. Do you have a "normal" calculator?
  4. Where are the Equals and Parentheses buttons?
  5. How much does it cost to register?
  6. Can I share a copy with someone else?
  7. Do I have to register the software?
  8. What happens when the trial expires?
  9. How do I register?
  10. If I register, how will you use my personal information?
  11. What's the upgrade policy?
  12. What's the most current Version.Revision.Build?

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How do I get the menu back?

One of the problems with programming in flexibility is that it requires removing barriers. In a truly radical move, we've decided to allow you to hide the menu in order to allow for an even smaller screen-footprint. You can get the menu back a couple of ways...

The simplest way is to right-click the display and then click 'Show menu'.

Alternatively, you can right-click any other object (except the spinner or the title bar) and select 'Options...'. Make sure the 'Show menu' box is checked on the 'Display' page.

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Can you make the letters on the keys bigger?

You can set the font on any key to any color, size, or style you want. (Likewise for the display panels)

  1. Right-click any button you want to modify
  2. Select Font... from the popup menu
  3. Make any changes you want and click OK
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Do you have a "normal" calculator?

No. The LS 34R software calculator uses Reverse Polish Notation (also called Reverse Polish Logic, RPN, and RPL). At the present time there currently no active plans to create an Algebraic version of the LS 34R (what most people would call "normal"). Initial investigations into incorporating both types of logic into a single program package introduced far too much programming overhead to be feasible.  (But, of course, if our sales people thought there was sufficient interest....!)

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Where are the Equals and Parentheses buttons?

RPN does not require an equals button or parenthesis in order to handle all but the most complicated calculations, so none exist.

Since the answer resulting from any calculation is automatically displayed immediately, there is no need for the extra keystroke to get your final answer.

Since RPN requires you to operate on an equation the same way you would actually do the calculation manually, parentheses are not necessary, either.

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How much does it cost to register?

The retail price for up to 5 copies of the LS 34R is currently $14.95 US. Multiple copies and network licenses are available at discounts. More specific information on registering and pricing.

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Can I share a copy with someone else?

We encourage you to share unregistered copies with them. Each installed copy will give them the same 30 days of use to see if the software fills the need.

You may not provide them with a means to unlock or "register" the software without full payment to us.

Since the program needs to be installed to operate properly, the best way to share it with others is to make a copy of the original installation disk or installation package that you downloaded from the web.

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Do I have to register the software?

No. If you decide that the extra features provided in an unregistered copy are sufficient for your needs, be our guest to continue using the LS 34R. We also hope that you find this software both flexible and useful even in its unregistered state.

Before we leave the subject completely, however, we would ask you to consider registering the software anyway (if you can afford to) because we like to be paid for our work just like you.

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What happens when the trial expires?

If you do not register the software, after 30 days of use the software "cripples" itself slightly. You will be limited to the number of buttons you can show on the face of the calculator, and the hotkey customizations are disabled. You also will not be able to load or "Open" a layout from the hard-disk.  Also, that annoying "nag" screen will continue to pop up each time you start the program. The only other item that is disabled is the ability to modify the contents of the title bar.

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How do I register?

Begin by clicking "Register..." from the help menu. This will bring up the registration window with instructions. You can register instantly on-line by dialing the number shown in the window or by using the web. Simply pick the link you wish to use:

Of course, you can also register by regular mail through us directly. Send a check for $14.95 along with your email address, name and company (if applicable) clearly spelled out. Once your check clears we will send you an email with your personalized registration code to enter.

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If I register, how will you use my personal information?

Here at Lemadian Software we respect your privacy. We won't send you spam (unwanted, unsolicited email), nor will we sell, rent, or otherwise willingly disclose your personal information to another firm or individual without your consent.

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What's the upgrade policy?

You are always welcome to download the latest revisions to your version from our web sites at any time free of charge.  Merely install it over your old software and away you go. It will not overwrite any of your layouts or settings without notifying you first and giving you a choice to continue.  Only version changes will require re-registration.  You can understand our versioning number system by the following illustration:

With the Version Number: 1.2.3:

  1. is the Major version (charge for upgrade and re-registration required),
  2. is the Minor version (no charge for upgrade),
  3. is the Build (may not appear on help screen, no charge for upgrade)
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What's the most current Version.Revision.Build?

The most current revision of the LS 34R Software Calculator is:  2.1.3.

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