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LS 34R Bug Reports
most current version: 1.2

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SPECIAL NOTE:  Some of the earliest releases of the LS 34R had a couple of very annoying (and embarassing) bugs which were quickly corrected, but not before a number of postings were made. The postings will be updated, but will rarely be as current as our downloads page. If you are having trouble with a copy earlier than version 1.2, please help yourself to the latest version (found on the downloads page) and re-install it. Your data and any custom layouts will stay intact (although some of the sample CLC files have been updated). If you do find a bug in version 1.2, please let us know immediately!

If you're experiencing a problem with the LS 34R Software Calculator not listed below, please let us know by email. (Please also send us your suggestions / comments on how to make the LS 34R better!)

Known Problems

The following is a list of some unresolved known problems with the LS 34R as of 08/12/2005.

The following is a list of recently reported problems and the dates corrections were posted:

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