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LS 34R Registration Info

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Special Upgrade Info (most current version is 2.1)

NOTE: There is no charge to upgrade from version 1.X to 2.X.

Single Copy Registration: $14.95 each  (for more than 5, see below)

Single copy registrations of the LS 34R Software Calculator cost $14.95 (US funds) and are available via phone, fax, internet, and regular mail. To register and individual copy, just click the icon for RegSoft: Secure Order / Non-Secure Order

Network Registrations and Multi-User Site Licenses / Quantity Discounts

Muti-user site and network registrations handled directly by Lemadian Software. Current pricing for these multi-user versions are as follows:

Number of units Price each


email for quote

Special Upgrade Information

If you obtained your copy of the LS34R from a source other than this web page, we encourage you to update your copy now to ensure that you have the latest bug fixes and enhancements.  Posting copies to other services takes time, and there is usually a lag time of up to several weeks between the time of a release and the time of an updated posting.  You can be assured of obtaining the absolute latest copy available only from our website.

You can upgrade your copy of the LS 34R FREE at any time by downloading it from this web and installing it right over the top of your original copy. We encourage you to do this as often as you like, especially if you find a bug and you've obtained your copy from a third party.

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