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LS 34R Screen Shots

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What kind of an RPN Calculator do you want? Don't let the low price fool you, you'll never find a more flexible calculator than the LS 34R! Here are some shots showing how customizable the LS 34R's layout is. Each one shows off some of the things that can be done with the colors, fonts, button assignments, and what you can show and hide.  (Some image quality has been traded for download speed. Even so, we est: 36 sec @ 28.8k)

What's your pleasure? You want to see it ALL?... Does this RPN Calculator have enough for you?

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Perhaps you'ld prefer a simpler RPN Calculator.  How about adding a little color?...

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Still too big and busy for a Keyboarder like you? How about nothing but a 'Cheshire Cat' RPN Calculator?...

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Still can't decide? Want to go back to the beginning?(Do a Master Clear)

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When we say that the LS 34R RPN Calculator is customizable, we mean it! True, these are just different layouts. But consider the flexibility with the Universal Conversion builder (over 2000 conversions come pre loaded), and we really must ask: Customizable enough? Remember: EACH button can be reassigned to ANY function, and have it's own unique font. You decide and a couple of mouse clicks later, you're ready to go with your own personal layout!  (NOTE: The title bar color is set by Windows and cannot be changed, although even the title can.) 

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