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Click on the file(s) you would like to download, and save them to a subdirectory on your hard-drive. Run the files to extract the files or begin the installation.

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LS 34R    RPN Calculator for Win95/NT v2.1.3 Self extracting / self installing RPN calculator. Shareware - cripples after 30 days of trials. 1.4M download.   FAQ   Features  Pricing/Registration
Updated 8/10/99. Patch for earlier downloads of this version.
LS 34R PRO RPN Calculator for Windows Supercharged hyper-customizable next generation of the LS 34R. Includes universal converter, financial, and memory functions, virtual papertape, and a whole new pile of functionality. 1.4M download. BETA version only. (impressive words, I know, but try it and see if you don't agree!) 


KJV On-Line Bible - MS Word 97 Self extracting word processing (MS Word97)  file formatted (using styles) for on-screen reading. Freeware. 1.56M download  FAQ
KJV On-Line Bible - HTML Zip file format: Web Browser ready with minimal formatting and a daily Bible reading calendar. Freeware. 2.52M download FAQ.
KJV On-Line Bible - RTF Self extracting word processing (Rich Text Format)  file formatted for on-screen reading and compatible with most word processors. Freeware. 1.34M download   FAQ
KJV On-Line Bible - TXT Self extracting, unformatted plain ASCII Text file - best for parsing / software development. Freeware. 1.28M download  FAQ

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