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Free On-Line Bible FAQ

  1. Which One Should I Pick?

  2. How big are the files? - How long will they take to download?

  3. Are they really free?

  4. Why are we giving them away?

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Which one should I pick?

Your intended use of the KJV file will determine which copy or copies you should download.

Incorporation into custom software: Go for the txt version - it will be easier to parse.  The file structure is basically one line per verse, each verse has a numeric as its first character. Each chapter begins with a single line containing the book title and the chapter number.

Web Style Browsing / Searching / Copying / Reformatting / Analysis / Go for the HTML format. It is readable by all web browsers and maintains minimum formatting and links needed to do the job well. Includes a daily bible reading calendar, too.

On-Line Browsing / Searching / Occaisional Copying: The PDF file loads (not downloads!) very quickly and is formatted specifically for on-screen reading. Although you will need a copy of Adobe's Acrobat reader, this program is widely available and is also free.  It has a very good search engine built in it, and the views can easily be enlarged or shrunk to meet your needs. There is also a bookmark section on the left side of the screen (it may be hidden when opened) which allows you to quickly navigate to any chapter in the text. Although you can print sections of the text quite easily, it cannot be readily re-formatted and it will use a lot of paper due to its formatting.  Adequate for most uses.

On-Line Browsing / Searching / Copying / Reformatting / Analysis: The fully formatted MS Word97 relies on styles for formatting so outline view can be used for navigation and wholesale reformatting is a simple process.  Searching is standard in this word-processing program, but the sheer size of the document makes everything run fairly slow. Very good for word processing and extensive copying and pasting.

On-Line Browsing / Searching / Copying / Reformatting / Analysis / Other Word Processing Programs:  Go for the RTF format. It is readable by all but the most primitive word processing programs and maintains at least the appearance (if not the appropriate style assignments) of the formatted document. Capabilities of the different programs vary widely, so not much more can be said.

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How big are the files? - How long will they take to download?

In their compressed state, the file sizes are: TXT: 1.277 MB / PDF: 4.446 MB / MS Word97: 1.553 MB / RTF: 1.332 MB / HTML: 2.52 MB

Decompressed, ready for use the files will be: TXT: 4.201 MB / PDF: 8.294 MB / MS Word97: 5.430 MB,  RTF: 4.887 MB, HTML: 8+ MB with subdirectories.

Your download time will vary considerably depending on internet traffic, connection speed, and so on. The files that are available for download are the compressed ones (self-extracting: just save them to the subdirectory that you want them in and run them).   Except for the compressed PDF format, they are under 2 megabytes and should download reasonably well.

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Are they really free?

Yes. The King James Version does not carry a copyright with it. You may publish, print, make, and distribute as many copies of these files as you wish.

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Why are we giving them away?

It is best summed up in Matthew 10:8b - "...freely ye have received, freely give." 

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