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LS 34R Software Calculator Features

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The LS34R RPN Calculator redefines the word, "flexible". This Win95/98 & NT software is designed to give you an RPN Calculator you could configure specifically for what you do. With its myriad of functions and display functionality, the LS34R can "morph" into just the RPN Calculator you need. For example, setting a button to the FIN function allows you to use the LS34R as a very friendly Financial Calculator. Setting buttons to your most common conversion tasks allow you single click conversions between metric (SI) and USCS systems. You can even do both at the same time. Here is a brief summary of the features that are packed into this software:

LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Display 0 to 100 buttons on the calculator display
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Store and recall your numeric data in a ludicrous number of memory registers
(limited by your hard-disk space)
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Load a number directly from the clipboard into the calculator and copy the number
exactly as it is shown in the display to the clipboard for use in other applications!
(No more transcription errors!)
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Perform complicated calculations with ease using the simpler RPN
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Reset all or only parts of the calculator in a single step - you select which ones
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Re-define what function any button does
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Change the size of downright tiny to full screen
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Create new conversions, units and unit types "on-the-fly" complete with flyover and
"What's this?" hints. As soon as one conversion is set, the conversion is defined for all
other units (of the same type).
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Do Metric (SI) conversions, USCS (Imperial, English) conversions with ONE mouse-click
Over 2,000 conversions come pre-programmed
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Financial answers possible through a special mortgage / compound interest screen
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Save and retrieve layouts and data on-the-fly
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Get help quickly with extensive context sensitive On-Line help
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Display the stack registers - (a great tool for those learning RPN)
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Re-assign keys and key combinations on the keyboard for almost any function
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Change background colors and fonts of any Button or the display
LS34RsIco.gif (1279 bytes) Flyover hints and "What's This?" summaries automatically update when a button is redefined

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